Protect Your Summer Nights

Cache Valley Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes Suck

Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance, they significantly affect our quality of life. Their constant buzzing and itchy bites can make our homes and yards less enjoyable. More seriously, they spread diseases like West Nile virus, not only to humans but also to pets and livestock, posing a threat to our health and the well-being of animals.   

Live Mosquito Free

Modern Mosquito Control

Our mosquito control program features the In2Care® mosquito trap- a smarter and better choice for keeping your yard mosquito free.  Instead of just spraying often to tackle adult mosquitoes, we target them at every stage of their life.  Here’s how it’s done:  

  • Targets breeding mosquitoes, stopping their multiplication
  • Controls and reduces biting adult mosquitoes
  • Uses the mosquitoes to spread treatment around your property
  • Provides control everyday of the mosquito season

Affinity is Cache Valley's leader in In2Care® and Mosquito Control